Add Revenue with Order Bumps

An "order bump" is just a fancy term for offering your customers something else to add to their cart before they buy. This is exactly what Amazon does anytime anyone buys something. It's the "You Might Also Like" section on their checkout page and it accounts for 13% of all Amazon sales. Add this feature to your checkout page in seconds and look forward to a 17% bump in what customers spend at checkout.

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A Little Something Extra Can Be Anything

A quicker shipping option

Another product

More of the product they just bought

Free trial offer

Secret sale item

"A simple, intuitive tool that has meant big things for my business. It is everything I need, and nothing I don't."

Roch Ullah

Freak Athletics

"This is so much easier than every other cart out there. Finally, the tech work is taken out of selling my products."

Lewis Howes

School of Greatness

"I got my first sproduct ready for sale in 2 minutes. This thing is beyond easy. I'll never go back to my old cart."

Michael Dunlop

Income Diary

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